lunes, 18 de julio de 2011


Wimbledon - Gerry Wortelboer y Patricia Wightman, IC ARGENTINA

Today, the International Club family numbers 38 member nations. 30 were represented and played at the 75th Anniversary meeting at Wimbledon in 1999. Such vibrant activity proves beyond doubt the validity of Wallis Myers original concept that tennis, at the highest level, has all the finest thing of warfare about it. Although man is indeed a combative animal, he also feels the need to respect the enemy and afterwards to join with him in social union; in Sir Henry Newbolt's words: "...To honour, while you strike him down, The foe that comes with fearless eyes. To count the life of battle good, And dear the land that gave you birth, And dearer yet the brotherhood That binds the brave of all the earth".